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Italy has been actively embracing blockchain technology, with numerous companies and startups focusing on its development. This article aims to provide insights into the top blockchain companies in Italy and how they are contributing to the industry. Whether you are interested in investing, working, or collaborating with blockchain companies, this guide will help you navigate the Italian blockchain landscape.

1. Chainblock

Chainblock is a leading blockchain company in Italy, specializing in providing blockchain and crypto solutions to businesses. They offer a wide range of services, including smart contract development, digital identity solutions, and tokenization. With a team of experts and a solid customer base, Chainblock has established itself as a trusted name in the Italian blockchain ecosystem.

2. Blockchain Reply

Blockchain Reply is a subsidiary of Reply, a well-known consulting and system integration company. They focus on implementing blockchain solutions for clients across various industries. With their expertise in blockchain technology and wide network of partners, Blockchain Reply delivers innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, transparency, and security for businesses.

3. Helperbit

Helperbit is an Italian blockchain startup that leverages the technology to enable transparent and efficient management of donations for humanitarian causes. Their platform ensures that donations reach their intended recipients with complete traceability. By utilizing blockchain technology, Helperbit aims to revolutionize the way donations are made, helping organizations and individuals make a greater impact.

4. Conio

Conio is an Italian fintech company that focuses on developing blockchain-based solutions for banking and finance. They offer a user-friendly mobile app that allows individuals to securely buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. With their innovative approach, Conio is bridging the gap between traditional banking and the world of digital assets.

5. Eternos Corporation

Eternos Corporation is a blockchain company based in Italy that specializes in providing secure and decentralized solutions for data storage and management. Their proprietary blockchain technology ensures data integrity and immutability, making it an ideal solution for industries such as healthcare, finance, and supply chain management.


Italian blockchain companies are making significant strides in the industry, offering innovative solutions that enhance transparency, security, and efficiency. Chainblock, Blockchain Reply, Helperbit, Conio, and Eternos Corporation are just a few examples of the successful blockchain companies operating in Italy. Whether you are interested in investing, partnering, or utilizing blockchain solutions, exploring the offerings of these companies can provide valuable opportunities for growth and development in the blockchain sector.

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