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What is Testnet binance Smart Chain?

Testnet Binance Smart Chain is a network created for testing purposes on the Binance Smart Chain platform. It allows developers and enthusiasts to experiment with the features and functionalities of Binance Smart Chain without using real funds or transactions. This testnet environment is crucial for developers to ensure the stability and security of their applications before deploying them on the mainnet.

Using metamask with Testnet Binance Smart Chain

Metamask, a popular browser extension wallet, supports Testnet Binance Smart Chain. Here’s how you can integrate Metamask with the testnet:

  1. Install Metamask extension on your web browser
  2. Set up a new wallet or import an existing one
  3. Click on the network selection dropdown and choose “Custom RPC”
  4. Enter the Testnet Binance Smart Chain’s RPC URL, which is “”
  5. Save the settings and you’ll now be connected to Testnet Binance Smart Chain via Metamask

Exploring is the official website of the Testnet Binance Smart Chain. It provides various tools and information for developers and users. Here are some features you can find on

  • blockchain explorer: Allows you to explore and search for transactions, blocks, addresses, and other on-chain data.
  • Faucet: Provides free testnet tokens for developers to use during testing and development.
  • Testnet version of decentralized applications (DApps): Some DApps have a dedicated version running on the testnet, allowing users to try out the functionalities without using real funds.

What is the RPC URL for Binance Smart Chain?

The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) URL is a crucial element when interacting with Binance Smart Chain. The RPC URL acts as a gateway to communicate with the Binance Smart Chain network. The RPC URL for Binance Smart Chain mainnet is “”.

For the Testnet Binance Smart Chain, the RPC URL is “”. Developers can use this URL to connect their applications to the testnet and perform various functions, such as querying blockchain data, deploying smart contracts, and making transactions.

Web3 and Binance Smart Chain

Web3 is a JavaScript library that provides a bridge between applications and the ethereum blockchain. Although Web3 is primarily associated with Ethereum, it can also be used with other compatible blockchains like Binance Smart Chain.

To use Web3 with Binance Smart Chain, developers need to point their Web3 instance to the Binance Smart Chain RPC URL. This allows applications to interact with the Binance Smart Chain network using Web3’s functions and methods. With Web3, developers can easily integrate Binance Smart Chain functionalities, such as querying account balances, making transactions, and interacting with smart contracts, into their applications.

In conclusion, Testnet Binance Smart Chain provides a safe environment for developers to test and experiment with their applications. Integrating Metamask with the testnet allows users to interact with these applications seamlessly. offers various tools and resources for developers to explore and enhance their development experience. Understanding the RPC URL for Binance Smart Chain is crucial for developers to connect their applications to the network. Finally, using Web3 allows developers to leverage Binance Smart Chain’s functionalities in their applications.

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